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Custom Closets Boise: Helping Homes Live In Luxury

Enhance the aesthetic value of your home with closets Boise. Maximize your home’s storage capacity or upgrade your existing closet’s style to complement your home interior.

Meet our experienced and skilled designers for modern homeowners. Please feel free to contact the team of Custom Closets Boise for more information.

"I fell in love with the final products of my custom-built reach-in closet! I can’t believe it would look so good and durable in the actual view. Good job!" - Holly W.

Custom Closets Boise

Welcome to the most trusted closet designer Boise Id!

If you have insufficient storage problems, our efficient solutions for custom closets are everything you need. We would love to help you find a multitude of custom closet organizer systems.

We make sure that the product you get can resolve your storage concerns as a modern household. With the help of accessories and other essential items, we can create a lovely closet design Boise Id within your budget. We can provide glass panel inserts, drawers, and doors that are provided by our trusted suppliers.

About Custom Closets Boise

Our company has been designing, building and installing closets Boise for many years. We love to share the story of our humble beginnings and we promise customer satisfaction. We deliver different types of closets systems that are only meant to meet our clients’ unique space needs. We have seen how popular a custom closet is as a practical and fashionable way to store personal belongings.

We apply effective strategies in addressing our homeowners’ storage needs. Since our sales took off, we have improved our services and processes as well. We have increased the number of our product lines simultaneously.

Our goal is to expand to more cities in Idaho and spread happiness to every individual and family or business. At present, we are evolving as the city’s leader in delivering state-of-the-art Boise custom closets. Every product is carefully designed and well-manufactured locally. Our product line up has been consistently improving and growing into personalized organization and storage systems.

Furthermore, we can customize our storage solutions for households and businesses of any size. We proudly introduce to you our vast selection of finishes, colors, accessories and materials for our closets.

We also have enough employees – from customer care assistants to designers to closet builders. Each of them is background-checked and ensures that they are trustworthy, honest and professional. We focus on customer satisfaction, so we should assure that we got the best personnel who will serve you.

Why Choose Us?

We are a local business with an excellent track record in building quality Boise custom closets. We only want the best for you. For this reason, we work hard to give you utmost care and satisfaction no matter how simple or complex your project is. For our first-time clients, we can prove how worthy we are of your trust and time. These are the following:

  1. Safety – As an outstanding closet designer Boise ID, we make sure that safety will not be overlooked. We need to assure both the safety of our employees and our clients. Thus, we comply with the safety standards on emissions, materials, and actual jobs. We make sure that all our products are made from ultra-low and safe emission materials.
  2. Eco-Friendly – We make sure that we also comply with the sustainability standards. Thus, our products contain 100 percent recovered and recycled wood fiber. These composite wood and agrifiber-based panels are the most eco-friendly materials that are available for construction, consumer and architectural products.
  3. Attention to Detail – Our closet designers will pay close attention even to the smallest detail of the project. During the consultation, they will take note of your ideas and ensure that they will work with you until you get the design you ever wanted. They will never skip any important detail in the design because they know that it makes the whole product outstanding.

What To Expect?

Before you get the final custom closet, you need to follow four easy steps. First, you need to book a schedule with our professional designers to discuss the type of custom closet you prefer and take measurements of your space.

Second, you choose the details of your custom closet organizer. This is also the part where our closet designer will ask you to pick from our collections of materials, accessories, colors and finishes.

The third step is that our experts will get digital measurements of every piece of your closet. We use 3D software technology to deliver quality and fast designing processes. Make some adjustments right on the consultation day.

Lastly, we will start with the cutting process and assembling jobs. Our experts have been doing this for many years. Thus, they mastered everything about designing and building a closet. Then, we will get the finished product installed to your space.

We want you to feel comfortable discussing your thoughts or ideas with our professionals. They will listen to you and provide suggestions to improve the whole concept of your one-of-a-kind closet cabinet design. The truth is that we love new ideas as well. We learn from our clients and this is our way of growing as a company.

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Closet Services

Imagine that you own the most beautiful closet organizer in the city. You can make it happen when you choose us to create such a masterpiece for you. We constantly improve our line of services and product options. So, feel free to ask us what you specifically need to address your concerns as soon as possible.

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Custom Closet Design

Our custom closet design is meant to add comfort and value to every home. Whether it is for his or hers, we make personalized solutions at a good price. Our custom-crafted organizer systems have premium quality drawers and doors, sophisticated hanging spaces, gorgeous shoe organizers, and plenty of useful accessories.

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Walk-in Closet Design

If you are dreaming of a luxurious walk in closet design, we are the right professionals for it. Our walk-in closets feature sophisticated jewelry trays, extendable valet rods, foldable ironing boards, pull-out cracks, and durable hanging rods. We can also integrate other items such as tall enclaves for your long dresses, luxury crown molding, and a central island if you want to maximize function and beauty.

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Reach-In Closet Design

A reach-in closet is also known as a wall closet. It is a standard organizer system solution for many homes. We can reconfigure the interior parts of your reach-in closet to double the storage capacity and allow you to find your stuff much easier. We can transform a chaotic and messy space into a luxurious sanctuary.

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Wardrobe Closet Design

We also create custom-built wardrobe closet designs. Our custom closet design brings numerous benefits over traditional reach-in or walk-in closets. We provide full customization which means that you will get high-quality and impressive furniture that showcase your personal preferences. Our closet wardrobes improve the style and aesthetics of your home. It is also perfect for the additional organizational features and compartments you wish to add.

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Kids Closet Design

This time, welcoming the newest member of the family will be more exciting. When you have a great place to keep your baby things, your home will be free from clutter and you get more space for the dwelling place of your kids. Our kids closets are fully customizable. You can choose your style, color and material. Moreover, we will gladly add accessories and items as you wish.

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About Boise ID

Boise is a city in Idaho with 447, 000 metro area population in its 2020 census with a growing increase of 2.05 percent from 2019. The best part of this city is that it is considered as America’s most affordable city to live. The median pricing for homes is $221, 475 while the median rent on a monthly basis is $879. These are both below the national U.S. average.

Boise, Idaho is also one of the safest places to live. It has the lowest crime rate and offers a great place for millennials and families. This city is also popular for its potatoes, but it has gotten an office nickname of ‘Gem State’. There are 72 precious and semi-precious gemstones that can be found here.

Other cities surrounding Boise are:

  • Meridian ID
  • Nampa ID
  • Caldwell ID
  • Eagle ID
  • Garden City ID
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the installation of your custom closets near me?

On average, our closet installer installs closets in just a few hours. It should not take so long since we use technology and high-precision equipment during the installation process.

Can I buy extra accessories after the custom closet is installed?

Yes, of course. Additional parts such as rods, shelves and drawers can be plugged into the closet system even without using any tools.

Can your closet organizers near me be used with lower and angled ceilings?

Yes. However, it varies on the vertical wall height. For wall height of 48 inches below, this may not be so ideal.

Are you closet systems custom built to my preferences and needs?

Our storage systems are designed and built based on the requests and chosen designs of our clients. Thus, you can get a fully personalized solution to your storage and closet needs from us.


I never experienced any hassle in communicating with the staff regarding my questions. They explained everything clearly. They made me feel confident to share my thoughts. I recommend these closet builders near me!

Jennifer G.


They truly offer affordable closet systems. They were true to their promise of no hidden charges or extra costs during and after the project. Thank you so much! I was able to save a lot from this project.

Vera T

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In our online form, we will ask you for some basic information. These include your name, your address, your contact number, and simply type the message. Feel free to ask questions and explore our custom closet collections.

Custom Closets Design Boise

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